A detailed guide in mezzanine floor

The mezzanine is the intermediate level between the ceiling and floor of any story. The mezzanine meaning comes from an Italian word, Mezza, meaning middle or half.

Applications of the different mezzanine floors

The different mezzanine floor applications are storage, office, warehouse, production, and manufacturing spaces. The mezzanine can aid in increasing the usable building space. There won’t be any need to add the building itself. You can make mezzanines from any material, including wood, concrete, and steel.

Mezzanine spaces help to increase space efficiency within a warehouse facility. Mezzanine floors can be large structural steel systems. They can also be the elongated work or equipment platforms or a minute storage platform. Don’t confuse mezzanine with an equipment platform. The differences between the two are vital in building and constructing code requirements.

The different designs materials of mezzanines are like wood, concrete, or wood. Many industrial mezzanines use high-strength steel for easy assembly in a building structure.

Steel mezzanines stairs help in accessing industrial mezzanines. Smaller mezzanines get placed in tight places within a building alternate tread stairs. They are an efficient and safe way to get access to the mezzanines.

Steel mezzanines

The steel mezzanine is common for equipment platforms, warehouse storage, and industrial spaces. The steel construction provides high strength for safe and durable structures.

Steel equipment platforms and mezzanines can allow free-standing structures. They are easy to assemble into the existing building. It makes the steel a better option to add to existing floor space.

The concrete mezzanine

It’s common for floor decking. It’s more durable than the other mezzanine floors. It has low noise transmission and a high point load. The concrete decking is suitable for industrial applications that need durable structures.

Rack mezzanine

It’s a warehouse mezzanine floor designed using a rack system. The structure support can aid in saving space and money. The supports used are both for mezzanine systems and the rack.

Shelving and racking manufacturers can integrate many floor tier structures into a rack system. They help to boost functionality for storage space and can offer access to inventory.

Uses of mezzanines

Mezzanine levels are intermediate floors between building levels. They aid in increasing floor areas without. They aid in countless applications like:

  • Work operations
  • Storage
  • Inventory rack access
  • Conveyor access
  • Equipment access

The mezzanines are mainly in industrial buildings. These buildings have high ceilings like warehouses, production floors, and distribution centers.

The storage mezzanine floors

These storages are the commonly used types. They can aid in storing items like:

  • Suppliers
  • Inventory
  • Paperwork
  • Furniture
  • Hardware
  • Equipment

Storage mezzanines are different from the equipment platforms.

Work platform mezzanine

Equipment mezzanine is a work platform providing elevated access to do tasks. The work can be assembling, maintenance, quality control, and packaging. These mezzanines are near conveyor systems, equipment, or maintenance areas. They improve access by maintenance employees and operators.

Portable mezzanine

You can transport it. It’s small in size to enable transportation.

Retail mezzanine floor

They increase space for retail sales floors, inventory storage, or office storage. The design of this retail mezzanine can have a modern design to attract clients to the sales floors.

Office mezzanine floors

They are ideal for adding office space without extending onto a building. The in-plant office mezzanines are ideal in manufacturing or production spaces.

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