Everything You Want To Know About Wheel Lug Nuts

Knowing your vehicle is helpful in various ways. Now advanced technology has made this possible to search for every bit of your vehicle. By knowing this you can find out how you can maintain your vehicle properly.

Wheel lug nuts are one of the components of your vehicle that need to be considered important. There are different types of wheel lug nuts of different brands like OSIAS 60mm M12×1.5 wheel lug nuts. Besides brand and types, there is much other information that you can get from this article.

What Are Wheel Lug Nuts?

Wheel lug nuts are used to fasten the hub to threaded studs on the axle of the vehicle. They can secure the wheel of your vehicle in place and center it exactly in the required position on the axle. They are available in different materials and shapes.

Usually, they are made of Chrome plated steel that is corrosion free but for some people who want light parts such as the racers, there are Titanium or aluminum lug nuts. They are also available in different sizes and models dependent on the type of car and the axle.

Different Types Of Wheel Lug Nuts

They are available in different shapes and sizes. What to buy is totally dependent on the model of the car and the type of axle it has. So whenever you need to decide which lug nuts are suitable for your car, you must consider the wheel itself.

Some available types of lug nuts are:

  • Hex nut
  • Conical seat
  • Spline drive
  • Open-ended
  • Spherical seat
  • Mag type with flat washer

Working Of Wheel Lug Nuts

As mentioned earlier lug nuts securely fastened the vehicle. They screw on studs, which are connected with hubs. Every lug nut is nestled into the wheel recessed hole while holding the stud or we can say holding the wheel firmly in place. Usually, 5 studs and 5 lug nuts are present on a modern wheel but you may find 4 or 8 on some vehicles like heavy-duty vehicles.

Difference Between Lug Nuts and Lug Bolts

Lug nuts and lug bolts are used for the same purpose to hold the wheel secularly in place. However, there are some differences present in their structure and the installment way.

Lug nut thread into a stud that is fixed to the hub of the wheel while a lug bolt is a threaded stem that is affixed to a head that is fitted with a wrench. Lug bolts are present usually on European vehicles like BMW and Audi.

When Change The Lug Nuts?

After some time you may need to replace the lug nuts of your vehicle. Usually after 5 to 15 years, wheel lug nuts need to be changed. Checking the lug nuts should be a part of your regular vehicle inspection.

Ending Remarks

Lug nuts are important components of your vehicle and neglecting them may affect your wheel efficiency or performance. The given article describes some useful information about wheel lug nuts that you should know.

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