A Beginner’s Guide to Start a Pickleball Game

Pickleball is played with a racket or paddle that is playable both indoors and outdoors. It is a sport in which two or four players use solid paddles to hit the ball over a net back and forth until one side loses the ball or breaks the rule. The manner in which pickleball is played very much resembles tennis, badminton, and pingpong; the only difference is the size of the court and the variety of racket used.

Pickleball Court and Equipments

As any sport does, pickleball also needs a court and equipment to be played. The good thing about it is that the equipment needed to play this sport isn’t that complicated or costly compared to other sports. Even a casual pickleball game would need the necessary equipment in order for you to start playing. Below are the different types of equipment that you need in order to play a pickleball game.


A pickleball court has the same size as a badminton court for doubles, which measures exactly 20 by 44 feet. Unlike badminton, the singles and doubles pickleball games use the same size court. Installing a pickleball court isn’t that hard, in fact, you can easily make a diy pickleball court. There are many tutorials online that can help you build your own court. Even if you are just looking forward to playing a casual pickleball game, it is very important to pick court tiles that have a good grip to prevent accidents from happening.


The standard pickleball net stands at 36 inches at the sides and 35 inches in the middle. The posts where the nets are connected are 22 feet from one side to the other. Although the size of a pickleball court is as big as a badminton court, the net of a pickleball court is significantly lowered, similar to how the net of a tennis court is positioned. There are two types of nets that you can get for your backyard pickleball court: a lightweight metal one or a plastic one. A pickleball net usually uses bright colors so that it will stay visible and clear against the playing surface.


A pickleball paddle is made of a non compressible material, has a smooth surface, and has no texture. In official games, the paddle that is used should meet the standard. However, there are no requirements in regards to the paddle’s thickness or weight. In contrast, a casual pickleball game does not require the standard paddle, and it isn’t measured or weighed before the players can start playing.


Even back then, the original ball that was used when playing a simple game of pickleball was a wiffle ball. A wiffle ball is made of plastic with perforations rather than the felt-covered balls used in tennis. The holes allow the wiffle balls to travel through the air because they create less drag and are significantly lighter than the tennis ball. Since then, huge organizations have started adopting a specific ball standard to be used in official pickleball games. A sanctioned ball is a durable, molded material with a smooth surface and evenly spaced circular holes.


A pickleball sport does not need that many things in order to be played. You don’t need much to enjoy a straightforward and healthy sport activity—just a net, some paddles, a ball, and some room to play.

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