Artificial Flowers: Fake Roses

One of the many ways the beauty of mother nature is seen is through flowers. They are of an important value to our ecosystem. For the lovers of flowers, artificial flowers are made for the essence of a long lasting all-year-round fresh look.

Roses are considered the most loved flower because of its beauty, colour and fragrance. They are traditionally a part of weddings and romance. fake roses are one of the major types of artificial flowers.

History of Artificial Flowers?

According to various researchers, replicas of flowers have been made from the beginning of time. These replicas were discovered in old caves. Slivers of horn were used by the ancient Egyptians to make these replicas. It is of the opinion that over 1,500 years ago, the Chinese were the first to manufacture artificial flowers.

“Silk flowers” was once the common name given to artificial flowers because they were traditionally made from silk materials. Today, they are generally referred to as “Artificial flowers” because a host of different materials are now being used in its production.

Today’s technological advancements in the printing industry has ensured that these artificial flowers are produced with so much great detail that they look as good as the real, if not finer.

Materials Used in Making Fake Roses

A range of materials and processes are used in the manufacture process of Fake roses. These include:


About 10 percent of all flowering plants contain Latex. It is a milky fluid. Latex roses are made from the moulds of rose plants. This is done to imitate its natural form. The Latex mould replicates the uneven profile of the plant to give a realistic view

These latex roses are strong and solid so that they can stand firmly in vases just like the real ones. With proper care, their lifespan can be for a lifetime.


Silk gives artificial roses a natural look that has made it become a desired choice for artificial wedding bouquets. Silk is an expensive material and because of its price, it isn’t considered a good option for home decorations but rather used for special moments.


Artificial Roses Made from foam are mostly made to represent rather than to recreate the real. They can be easily spotted as fakes. They are not realistic enough to be used as wedding flowers and flower decorations.


Plastic roses are made by injecting polyesters into moulds and dried. This type of fake roses cost so little because the process involved in its production is fast and cheap. Therefore, it can be mass produced easily. They are very durable, long lasting and are often seen at shops and supermarkets. Plastic roses can easily be detected as fake.


Paper is a great material for artists as it gives a creative feel. Paper roses are usually made from crepe or tissue paper to give it a delicate and light touch. Paper roses are a stylish and artistic representation rather than an exact look alike of live roses. They do not last long and only offer temporal beauty.


Our homes and businesses benefit from the beauty these artificial flowers bring to our surroundings due to its low maintenance cost and everlasting feel. They are also priced cheaply and are a good item to gift to loved ones.

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