Best Dance Dance Revolution Arcade Machine by Alibaba

If you are a game lover and want to play different games. Moreover, you can get these games at a reasonable price. Playing games is a big entertainment source. You are feeling relaxed while playing a game. However, you can play a game and also dance. There are various types of games such as ddr machine available for you on the Alibaba Online Store.

Generally, several brands and companies are selling their gaming product on this platform. You will find thousands of gaming products in the Alibaba online store. You will get quality gaming products. They will also give you a discount price. On Alibaba online store almost 1717 gaming products are available.

2 Best Dance Dance Revolution Arcade Machine

Following are the top 2 best DDR machines in detail for you. In this type of Game players stand on the Dance Platform. Players are judged by the colorful arrow pattern, and how perfectly he or they follow. And if they pass the game and enter the next level then the game allows you to select music and play again.

1. Fishing Game Machine Zombie Awaken Shooting Game

This is the top best game on DDR Arcade Machine. You buy this game from the Alibaba online store. You can customize the logo according to your choice. The brand name of this product is Game lab. They are using a trustworthy platform for selling their products.

Features of the product

Following are the best features of the product of DDR Arcade machine:

  • This is the latest fishing game with latest technology
  • High retention ratio
  • High Profit
  • Including fishing games,100+ games
  • You can play on any device

Specification of Product

Product Name Fishing Game Machine Zombie Awaken Shooting Game
Brand Game lab
Players Customize
Warranty 12 months/lifetime maintenance
Material Customize/Metal/Acrylic
Age 3 to 8 years
Type Shooting Machine
Voltage 250w to 500w
Weight 120kg

2. VR Beat Hero

This is the second top best game. It is a brand new VR Gameplay and unique music rhythm game. This game is customized graphics. You can customized logo. The games have multiple songs with five levels of difficulty.

You can buy this game from the online store of Alibaba. This is the accurate platform for buying the products wholesale.

Features of the Product

Below are the features of the product

  • Dynamic color effect
  • Competitive mode support offline
  • This game supports credit card, games
  • Game has 5 level
  • This game is especially design for dance and music lovers

Specification of the Product

Product Name VR Beat Hero
Brand Watch
Players 2
Model OA 2002
Games 9pcs
Age 6 years
Type US Plug
Voltage 110 to 240v
Usage Theme Park

Sum up

Consequently, you can buy these DDR games from the trustworthy store of Alibaba online. You will find thousands of companies and brands on this platform. You will order the product and get a discount. They will provide you fast delivery service. It is recommended if you want to buy these games using the platform of Alibaba online store.

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