Everything You Need to Know About Monkey Bikes

Monkey Bikes are a line of mini bikes. The name “Monkey Bike” was given to the vehicle since most individuals appeared big compared to the diminutive motorcycle. On the tiny mini bike, riders were compared by onlookers to monkeys. The monkey bikes are small in size and light in weight. Some of its models are collapsible for ease of transportation and storage. The first monkey bike was introduced with a 55cc engine power.

If you are in the market to buy a monkey bike, this article is for you. Read till the end to know more about it.

Exciting Features of Monkey Bikes You May Want To Know

Engine Type

Monkey Bikes mainly have two engine capacity options. One is 110cc, and the second is 125cc. It has a 4-stroke engine with a single cylinder and air cooling feature. It has both kick start and electric start ignition modes. The average fuel consumption of monkey bikes is around 100 kilometers in 6-7 liters. The compression ratio of monkey bikes is 10.3:1.

Maximum Speed

The maximum speed of monkey bikes ranges from 40 km/h to 60 km/h. It mainly depends on the engine capacity of the bike and fuel that whether it uses gas or diesel.

Tyres, Brakes & Suspension

Usually, the tyre size used on the front side of the monkey bike is 3.5-8, and the tyre size on the rear side of the bike is also 3.5-8. Both the front and rear tyres of the motorcycle are fitted on an iron rim of 8-inch size. The brakes used in the monkey bikes on the front and back sides are hydraulic disc brakes. The suspension of monkey bikes is outstanding. On the front side of the bike, they have hydraulic shocks, whereas, on the rear side, they use spring shocks. It can easily lift heavy loads, and it is very much durable.

Dimensions of the Bike

Many people are interested to know about the dimensions of this bike because it is a small mini bike. The bike’s length, width, and height e are 14200mm x 570mm x 900mm. The height of the seat is around 600mm-650mm. The wheelbase of the money bike is 925mm with 300mm of ground clearance. Monkey bikes have a maximum loading capacity of 150kgs. It has a chrome-style steel body fuel tank with a capacity of 4.5 liters. One of the most exciting features of monkey bikes is that it has an anti-hot exhaust pipe, so you don’t get a burn from the hot pipe.

Design & Color

Monkey bikes come in different stylish colors and designs. You can also customize the color of the motorcycle according to your requirements.


So if you are looking for a small bike with an excellent design and unique features, you should consider a monkey bike. Many different companies are nowadays manufacturing monkey bikes because of their high demand. The monkey bike looks like a smaller version of a Harley Davidson bike because of its shape. Many bike enthusiasts prefer monkey bikes because they are reasonably affordable, easy to maintain, and convenient to use. If you are also a bike lover, you should definitely get this bike.

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