6 Amazing Advantages of Melamine Boards

Made from the substrate of manufactured wood with the combination of melamine resin as well as chemical properties to produce a lasting thermosetting nature, melamine boards possess the long-lasting ability, waterproof ability, and resistance ability, to mention but a few. All these and more have contributed to making it a highly sought-after material.

You might be wondering what these woods can be used for, they can be used to make dry erase boards, display counters, office furniture, kitchen cabins as well as flat-ware bowls and dishes.

Having known that, let’s dive into the benefits.

Advantages of Melamine Boards

Here are the amazing advantages you can derive from using melamine boards.

Wide Variety

The first benefit of melamine boards is that they come in a wide variety of colours, styles, finishes and types which includes; MF Plywood (Melamine Faced Plywood, MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) and MF MDF (Melamine Faced MDF).

So, no matter how choosy you are, you would get your choice of melamine board. It is also known and used in industries of good reputation as it provides them with various options for adding texture, colours and finishes to projects.

Less Expensive

A melamine board doesn’t give up its quality and long-lasting ability in exchange for being less expensive. Not at all. It has them all. Melamine uses cost-friendly wood products like chipboard and plywood and this saves time in the application as opposed to solid wood which requires some procedures.


Commonly, melamine boards are composed of about 55 % of melamine resin, about 22% hardener, about 23% of other ingredients like fillers and most often, their thickness measures up to 50mm.

Its unique composition plays a major role in its durability. It would interest you to know that water doesn’t affect melamine boards, they are waterproof as well as shatter resistant.

Easy to Clean

Another benefit of melamine boards is that they are easy to clean and maintain. With just a cleaning rag and little water, your office furniture, kitchen cabinets, display counters, etc. would be left sparkling clean


Melamine boards are free from all forms of toxic materials. So, they are ideal options for children’s playrooms and even bedrooms as they can even substitute tiles. They can also be used for wall decorations all over the house since they come in beautiful colours.


Melamine boards beat other types of wood due to their scratch-resistant abilities and high-gloss finishing. That’s also the reason why many manufacturing and construction companies use them for their flooring, shelving, whiteboards, service counters, furniture, etc. Due to melamine’s high resistance to certain elements, melamine boards are mostly used to clad buildings and homes externally.


Having known all these advantages, what reason do you have not to go for melamine boards? They come in different types, designs and colours, and they can be used in the making and construction of home and office furniture. Melamine boards are beneficial in different ramifications.

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